Frequently Asked Questions
Freedeem is a discount shopping app in India that helps customers avail 100% discount value on every purchase.
Just scan the QR code from this discount coupon website, here's the link. You can also download Freedeem from Google App Store or Google Play Store.
Yes, it is! For customers, it is absolutely free!
With Freedeem, you get 100% discount value on your shopping amount. For example, you shop for Rs.5000 thousand, and you will be given discount vouchers worth Rs.5000. Using these discount coupons you can get a discount on each and every purchase you make from Freedeem. Click HERE to explore all the benefits of using this discount coupon app.
After your first purchase with Freedeem, the retailer will display stores to avail offers from. You can select the free discount vouchers that suit you best.
Once you have purchased from the retailer, discounts that you have selected will be displayed in the 'my coupons' section on the discount app. You can find discount coupons of your selection here
You can avail the discount vouchers from Freedeem approved vendors. The nearest stores offering discount coupons will be displayed to you so that you can save travel time, money and efforts. You can go to a particular store and show the discount retail coupon offered by them and selected by you. When you purchase from them, the discount comes into effect.
Freedeem is providing exciting discount deals in Gujarat right now. But, this discount shopping app will be soon spreading out to the major cities and towns in India
Yes, you can avail the best discount coupons in cities other than your registered city.
Simply download the Freedeem discount app, register and then immediately start availing shopping discount vouchers. To know the entire process of availing discount deals,Click HERE.
Yes! For example- If you get a 20% discount coupon on the purchase of Rs.1000 from a grocery store, you get 20% discount on the final bill, with that, you also get discount vouchers worth Rs.1000 that you can avail from cascading purchases.
Using Freedeem, a business can lure more customers, pip its direct competitor and attract greater footfalls. Know all the benefits a business can avail by using the Freedeem app by clicking HERE .
Freedeem is a discount shopping app that brings customers who don't consider you as a shopping option. So, you convert non-customers into customers via Freedeem. Also, when you provide exciting discount retail vouchers, your competitor's customers are drawn towards your store helping you oust your direct competitor.
Yes, it does! Freedeem increases customer loyalty because customers get the same products and services at a lower price, plus they get a discount value of 100%. Thus, any smart shopper would choose you over your direct competitor because you are giving a lucrative discount voucher!