Freedeem is a discount shopping site and a discount shopping app that helps you find and avail the best discount coupons in your city. It is one of the best discount deals websites that provides a discount on your offline purchase.

So, whenever you go out for shopping and whenever you are in quest for the best discount offers around, just check the app before you step out. By doing so, you get to know about the best discount vouchers in your city.

But, what if you want to know where the most reasonable products are? Or where the most popular discount deals are? Usually, it is difficult to find free discount coupons as and when you want them, especially when you are shopping offline. But that's where Freedeem comes into play! In this app, you can sort location-wise, price-wise and that5some food. By doing so, you will get to know which outlets are offering the best discount deals on food.

Just type in the kind of food you wish to eat; for example- Pizza, Idli, Banana Smoothie, Shawarma, Noodles, etc. and a list of restaurants serving the same will be instantly displayed. Browse and redeem the offer that you like and enjoy scrumptious food at a discounted rate.



Have a passion for fashion? Purchase all the garments that you want without burning a hole in your pocket. Avail unbelievable discount vouchers on an extensive range of clothes. Just explore the 'Garments' section on one of the best discount coupon sites - Freedeem.

You can simply type which kind of garment you want to buy; for example- Jeans, Crop Top, Suit, Chaniya Choli, Sherwani, SweatShirt, etc. and a list of clothing stores offering the same will be instantly displayed. All these stores offer big discounts on the purchase of clothes. In conclusion, select the ones you like and add more clothes to your wardrobe!



Using Freedeem, you can get amazing discounts on footwear from the nearest footwear stores and outlets in your city. You can get offers from local stores as well as from branded showrooms. If you want to avail a discount voucher on footwear, you can simply go to the 'Footwear' section on Freedeem.

You can type in the kind of footwear that you want; for example- Sandals, Sports Shoes, Slippers, Heels, Studs, etc. To avail free discount deals on branded footwear, you can input the name of the brand; for example- Puma, Adidas, Hush Puppies, etc. and a relevant offer will be displayed for you to redeem and make huge savings on footwear purchases.



Tired of spending money on your spectacles every now and then? Save a good amount of money by availing discount deals on optics, only through Freedeem. All you have to do is explore the 'Optics' section, and you'll get to view all the best offers available. You can type which kind of optical product that you want; for example- Lens, Frames, Frame Cleaner, Goggles, Spectacle Set, etc.

You don't have to travel miles to buy discount deals. You can check out the nearest stores providing an offer, visit a preferred store and make a smart purchase without breaking a sweat!


Beauty & Spa:

Relax, rejuvenate, groom and beautify yourself without spending a fortune! Save huge sums of money on beauty services available in your city. Enhance the beauty of your skin, get your facial aspects caressed and get adorned by quality cosmetics. You can also choose to treat yourself with a relaxing massage, sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi, etc.

All this, at a discounted price! Go to the 'Beauty & Spa' category in Freedeem to explore the best discount deals available for beautification and rejuvenation services. You can pick a store of your choice and make the most of the best discount deals around.


Fun & Entertainment:

Have all the fun that you want to have and get entertained as much as you want without being concerned about your expenses. You can easily save a lot of money using Freedeem. Simply check out the free discount deals that are available on the app. You can go to the movies, theme parks, plays, events and do a lot of other activities on this discount coupon website.

All you have to do is go to the 'Fun & Entertainment' section in Freedeem and look at the best discounts on various activities that you can do in and around your city.


Bags & Luggage:

Purchasing a bag can sometimes be difficult, especially because you need many kinds of bags at regular intervals of time. Some bags get worn out or get damaged, and you have to buy new ones. That turns out to be very expensive, doesn't it? You can change this by simply purchasing them on Freedeem.

Just go to the 'Bags & Luggage' section in Freedeem and view a list of countless bags that you can use for various purposes. Explore all the discount deals displayed on Freedeem, pick the discount voucher that you want and make a smart purchase to save money.



Freedeem is one of the most reliable discount coupon sites when it comes to purchasing fitness equipment and gear. Staying fit is a necessity nowadays, and many people workout for the same reason. But, quite a few hold back on buying fitness stuff simply because of the costs involved.

On Freedeem, you can get the best discount deal for any equipment or gear that you want to buy. By getting a discount, you don't just ensure that a good amount of money is saved. But also help yourself achieve your fitness goals without having any qualms about the expenses made.


Electronic Goods:

There are multiple electronic gadgets that you need every day. Right from making tea, washing clothes, attending calls, reading emails, to cooling the room temperature- you need an electronic gadget.

A lot of money in any place is spent on electronics because gadgets make life easier. To slack these expenses, you can simply go to Freedeem and get free discount vouchers. Freedeem is the one and only place where you can get exciting discount coupons on electronic items! Simply go to the 'Electronic Goods' section, search for the item that you want, select a deal and make a quick purchase!


Gifts & Cards:

Festive times call for colossal celebrations! There is always so much to celebrate and be grateful for. Gifting is an expression of gratitude, but sometimes, this emotion is curbed because too many gifts mean too much expenditure. Want to focus on expressing gratitude rather than on the money spent? Well, just start Freedeeming!

On Freedeem, you can easily get discount deals to buy various gift articles, greeting cards, and shopping discount vouchers. Just go to the 'Gifts & Cards' section in Freedeem and explore all the gifts that you want to give before making a purchase.


Jewellery & Watches:

Have an eye for gold or a craving for diamonds? Feel like no amount of jewellery is ever enough? Having jewellery is certainly a monetary and aesthetic asset, but at the same time, it costs you considerably. How can you get more jewellery without losing a pot of gold?

Start buying jewellery through Freedeem! Freedeem is the one and only place where you can get exciting discount coupons on jewellery and making charges. All you have to do is, check out the 'Jewellery & Watches' section in Freedeem to explore lucrative deals on the most exquisite jewellery or diamond designs, or on premium watches.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Freedeem?

    Freedeem is a discount coupon website where you can find discount vouchers in 10+ shopping categories. It is one of the best discount coupon sites where you can avail discounts at retail stores.


  1. How can I buy discount deals on Freedeem?

    You can simply visit Freedeem discount coupon website, search for a certain product category-wise, select an offer and then redeem it. You have to go to the retail store to make a purchase.


  1. What are the benefits of buying things at a retail store?

    After you check for a discount deal on Freedeem, you can go to the retail store and avail it. This way, you can get a touch and feel of the product. You can experience it all by yourself before buying it.

    If you don't like the product, you can choose not to buy it.


  1. What are the shopping categories in which I can avail discount deals?

    You can get discount deals in 10+ categories in Freedeem. The categories are-

    Food & Beverages, Garments, Footwear, Opticals, Beauty & Spa, Fun & Entertainment, Bag & Luggage, Fitness, Electronic Goods, Gifts & Cards, Jewellery & Watches, and many more.


  1. How can I ensure that I get the best discount coupon?

    On Freedeem, you can search for any product that you want. When you do so, a list of discount deals related to that product will come up. You can go through the entire list of shopping discount deals and select the best discount coupon.


  1. Can I avail my discount coupons anywhere?

    You can avail your discount vouchers in your city. You can search for the nearest location where a similar free discount offer is available, and make a purchase accordingly.


  1. The list of discount dealsis very long, how can I get a specific offer?

    You can use the 'Sort' feature to narrow down your search. You can sort your search using 3 parameters-

    - Savings: Select this to get discount vouchers that help you save maximum money.

    - Near Me: Use this option to explore discount deals that are nearest to you. This is an ideal option to get discounts without having to travel much.

    - Popularity: Select this option to get a list of buy discount coupons that are availed by other Freedeem users on a big scale.


  1. What are Tan tana Tan Deals?

    Tan Tana Tan Deals are free discount vouchers that help you avail mind-blowing discounts on 10+ shopping categories. These are the most amazing discount deals that Freedeem has to offer. You can avail them by simply checking Freedeem - the best discount coupon website.


  1. Where can I download Freedeem?

    You can download Freedeem using the following links-



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